The Big Day is Quickly Approaching!

April the 19th is coming very fast for us two. We have been staying very busy with school. Triest is graduating on Friday the Eleventh of April. What a great achievement! I have around four semesters left, maybe more. I am definitely taking advantage of my time at BYU-Idaho. I just finished performing in Mozart's "The Magic Flute". And Triest and The Collegiate Singers sang with The Mormon Tabernacle Choir during a broadcast of Music and The Spoken Word. We are looking forward to the end of finals and the end of another semester, and the beginning of our life together, forever. We want to thank everyone who has been so kind in participating in Triest's Bridal Showers in Utah and in Virginia. We are indebted to such amazing friends and family for everything they help us do, and do for us! We love you all!