7 weeks!

I can't believe my son is 7 weeks old!  Gabey is growing every minute, and it kinda makes my heart twinge when I look back on his newborn pictures and remember how small he was.  Now he's a total chunk who just keeps eating!  As he's growing, we're starting to hear from more and more people that he looks like a mini-Ross with my chin.  At least my genes popped up in there somewhere!  All of these are from my phone, so the quality isn't great but the pictures sure are cute!
I love this sleeper and matching hat.  I remember when it devoured him, and now it's getting too small!

No, I'm not holding him while the car is in motion.  We went to Target and he got REALLY hungry, so we fed him in the parking lot.  He passed out as soon as he had a full tummy, and we just had to take a picture of his cute face (I have a similar picture of Ross making this face after he fell asleep on the way back from Prom back in 2001 (and NO, Ross did NOT fall asleep on my chest). Like father like son, I guess!).  

I find myself stripping him down to his diaper so often now because he spits up and gets his cute clothes all smelly.  This is Gabey's "little Buddha" picture, with an attempt at a smile.  I tell ya, this kid's a CHUB!

He's been pretty fussy still with his colic and gassiness, and I wanted to document him in a peaceful moment.  He was so content just sitting in his chair, but 10 seconds after I took this picture he started crying again.  Oy ve.

I just love this little boy.  He really is sweet, even with the fussiness.  We love him to pieces! 

And now that I've finally found a moment to update my blog, I have a crying baby to feed.  Our lives have definitely changed, but it's been for the better!