Fortunate Friday

Honestly, I look forward to Thankful Thursday ALL WEEK, and then I miss it.  How do I do that?!?!  So, here I am on Fortunate Friday.  I had yesterday and today off of work, so I've had a bit of extra time to think about things.  Here we go:

1. First and absolutely foremost, my sweet husband.  I was talking with a friend yesterday for the first time since Ross and I got married.  This friend of mine has 7 kids, so he's had plenty of experience with the marriage and family life.  He asked me if I was doing okay, which really confused me.  Then he said "we loved each other, but our first year was just SO hard."  I felt bad that it had been a hard year for him and his cute wife, because Ross and I find ways to love each other more every day.  And honestly, I don't think this is just a honeymoon phase.  There is a lot of respect and admiration that Ross and I share, and I don't see our marriage going anywhere but up.  Now don't get me wrong, we've DEFINITELY had our moments (quite a few, actually). But we hate being angry with each other. We've heard so many people say to us "don't make the little things the big things," and I think we've tried to take that to heart.  Ross is my best friend, and I'm happy when he's happy.  He makes me laugh every day, and we love to be together. Simple as that. 

2. Our jobs. Ross' job brings in the big bucks, which is what we need.  He's doing well as a first-year sales rep, and our summer looks good.  The only downfall is that his hard work ONLY pays off when he makes a sale.  There's no constant paycheck plus commission... he gets a check when he sells.  So that's when my jobs come in =) I have been working at Kirkland's Home for about 3 weeks now, and I start training tomorrow at David's Bridal.  I'm nervous because they're one of the top stores in Arizona and it's VERY fast-paced, but it'll be great.  I'll work Tuesdays, Thursdays, and every other Saturday with Kirkland's, and MWF and every Saturday with David's Bridal.  I'm hoping to stay very busy because we use my paycheck for our living expenses, AND when I'm busy at work, my days go by faster and Ross' time away from home doesn't seem quite so long.  So please keep us both in your prayers... Ross needs to sell and I need to make sure I'm not slaughtered by some high-strung Bridezilla!  

3. The internet.  Ross and I have no TV, so we can't watch the news to know what's happening in the world.  I log on frequently when I'm home so that we can at least keep up with the current events. I know there's a LOT of filth floating around cyber space, but there's so much good to show for what the internet has to offer.  We keep up with hundreds of loved ones just through blogs and facebook alone, so I'm grateful!!!

4. Personal washer and dryer.  This is something that Ross and I do not own yet, but I'm already grateful for the days when we will have them.  We spent $6.75 last night on laundry alone, using the tiny, smelly, public washers and dryers here at our apartment complex.  I'm allergic to cats, and it seems to me that everyone in our complex owns a cat and all of our washers smells like cat litter.  Thank heavens our clothes don't smell like that after we wash them.  I just can't wait to get back to Idaho where we'll have a washer and dryer right next to our kitchen, and we won't have to lock our door ever time we need to switch the load. 

I think I'm done for now because Ross is coming home and, like a good wife, I'll have dinner for him when he gets here =)  Life is good and we're happy.  What else could you ask for?



Okay, so I tried posting a "Fortunate Friday" on the blog last Friday, since I somehow missed my Thankful Thursday. Don't ask me HOW I did that... I had been waiting for it all week! Anyway, I typed up a very heartfelt, endearing list of things I was thankful for, and then I decided to try and be blog-savvy and post one of my favorite videos of Ross. Well, 17 hours later, my 3-minute video was still uploading. I was confused, but my blog-pro sister Maddy told me that videos take hours and hours to upload...

THEN, all of a sudden, my computer froze and forced me into a "force quit" with Internet Explorer. I wanted to chuck my computer against the wall! Not really, since it's been one of my favorite presents EVER, but I almost started to cry. I really couldn't wait to make a list of what I was thankful for so that EVERYONE could see, and then I guess I got a little too excited to add the video:( Thus, I haven't posted for a bit as I'm just getting over the bitterness. I still have a list of things I'm very thankful for, but I think I'll wait for Thankful Thursday. Good news for the day: Ross got a sale! Woohoo!!! I love that man:)

In the meantime, here's a pic of Ross and I at the Rexburg Temple Celebration in February, and another of us playing in the snow for FHE. Hopefully this won't take hours and hours...


PS- Happy Memorial Day!


Fortunate Friday

Okay, so I missed Thankful Thursday (how did I do that? I'd been looking forward to it ALL WEEK!), but my dear friend EASY showed me that when one misses a Thankful Thursday, one creates a Fortunate Friday:)  Thanks easy!  So, on to the list:

iPhoto- I don't really know all the squishy, intricate details and artsy, "my-mom-knows-but-I-don't" features of my MacBook, and I REALLY don't know how to mess with stuff on iPhoto, but it helps me put all my photos in order and it just makes my life easier.  Ross got a card reader in the Cincinnati airport when we were on our way to our honeymoon (I'll catch up on the honeymoon post later), and my technologically-illiterate self is grateful for these little things that make life easier.  So I guess that's my next thing... 

our card reader- I had never had one before, and I instead used the cord that plugs into the camera AND the computer.  I LOVE the card reader!  It amazes me how this little 4X4 inch plastic box can read up to 12 different camera cards, and how we can just stick our camera card into the little slot and our cute pictures get sucked outta the card and slapped onto the computer screen.  Technology amazes me. 

my job- although my feet hurt after a shift of standing, climbing, lifting, and walking, I really do enjoy my job.  Kirkland's is a great company with great products, and my co-workers make life better.  We see quite a smathering of people in our store, and lots of them speak Spanish.  I love it when the return customers look for me when they come in.  I have 3 co-workers that come from Hispanic descent, yet I supposedly speak the better Spanish.  At least I think that's why they send all the Mexicans to me when they come in the store. Which leads to my next point... 

my bilingualism (?)- I LOVE speaking Spanish!  Living in Tucson has really helped me to be able to speak it a lot more, and I love it when I ask someone how they're doing (when it's obvious that they're from Mexico), and they look at me like they can't believe they're ears.  "Pero tu eres una guerrita... una americana, no?  Hablas BIEN el espanol!" or basically "but you're a white girl... an American, right?  You speak really good Spanish!"  Honestly, that is one of the greatest compliments for me.  

wall decor- this sounds SO TRIVIAL, but really, I'm grateful for it.  We live in a temporary, RATHER GHETTO apartment here in Tucson with BIG, WHITE walls.  On these walls, we have 3 pictures of us from the wedding, a tiny wooden plaque with a little saying on it, a bouquet of 3 dry roses that Ross got me for Mother's Day, a decorative letter 'G' (for Graham... just thought I'd help you out with that one if you were wondering ), and another small wall hanging.  Oh yeah, and a really cool, 24" decorative metal wall clock from Kirkland's that I talked Ross into getting. It was only $15 with my employee discount, so it was kinda one of those MUST HAVES, ya know?  So, basically what I want to say is that I CAN'T WAIT to have my own home where I can decorate the walls... walls that will not be white!!!   

and last but CERTAINLY not least, my sweet husband- Ross is my greatest blessing, my confidant, my personal comedian AND cook, and my best friend.  He's the happiest, most optimistic person I know, and even when he has bad days, he comes home with a smile and a kiss for his wife.  He makes me a better person simply because I see how genuinely GOOD he is, and I want to be like him.  There is no other man in the world I would want to be my eternal companion, and there is no one better to raise my children.  I love that man with all of my soul.

Now, I want to try and be blogger-literate and post a video of us.  Let's see how I do. 


I shot this towards the end of last semester, and Ross was practicing the drums for his Percussion Methods class.  When I say that I have a live-in comedian, I mean it.  Maybe you won't think this is really that funny, but I still laugh when I watch this.  I think he's hilarious just because there is NO SHAME with him!  He's totally off the wall and he just puts me into fits of giggles.  

With that said, life is good and we can't complain.  Ross and I have each other, a mostly-white-walled apartment, 2 good jobs (possibly 3 after my interview with David's Bridal... fingers crossed!), and enough love between us to last Aphrodite a lifetime.  Happy is as Happy does =)



Learn more about Pinnacle

Hey Folks,
I just posted some information about the company I am working for this summer on the column to the right.  Working with Pinnacle will give Triest and I the opportunity to start out our life together on our feet financially. Bryce my Brother in Law also worked for Pinnacle a few summers as a Technician.  That is how he met Maddy, while he was in VA with Pinnacle.  It is hard work but hopefully it will pay off in the end!  If you want to find out more let me know.  I need to do well so we can pay for Triest's new job with the Home Furnishing store Kirkland's.  It might be that we will spend more money there than she will make!  Just kidding babe...kind of.



Peaceful Sunday

Today has been just what we needed: restful and relaxing.  Ross and I feel awful that we missed church today, and I'm sure we'll feel the repercussions throughout the week.  I don't like missing Sunday meetings, but I think this was a pretty valid excuse.  Ross came home last night and I think he was suffering from some kind of muscle fatigue/heat stroke (it's HOT... he was out all day in 95+ degree weather and it's extremely dry).  He was absolutely exhausted and couldn't move his muscles very well (he couldn't roll over on his own, he kept getting charlie horses in his legs, and he said his muscles felt like jell-o), and we decided to keep him home where he could rest and rehydrate.  So today has been pretty quiet.  It's days like these when I'm so thankful for my sweet husband.  His only day off is Sunday, and when we spend the entire day together on Sundays we realize how much we've missed each other.  We watched a movie and it was nice to just sit next to him on the couch and hold his hand.  Sometimes I think we take each other for granted, but I can see that as the summer moves on, Sundays will become our favorite days.  Ross is working so hard with Pinnacle Security, and he's really doing a great job for a beginner.  Our manager has commented on how well he's doing, and I know that he will find a lot of success this summer.  Anybody that knows Ross knows how kind and honest he is, so what's not to love?!  

As I work for Kirkland's Home, I realize how much of a home designer I can be.  Kirkland's has great home products like art, furniture, wall decor, mirrors, etc., and I LOVE IT.  Ross and I both agree that it's dangerous that I have an employee discount, but with him doing well this summer, I think we'll be okay. 

Anyway, I just wanted to post something since I had some free time and I know that we've been REALLY BAD at updating this blog.  But, my mom and sister inspire me to update regularly, so I'll try my best.  

Life is good, we can't complain.  We just have to remember to drink LOTS OF WATER:)




We're in Tucson for the Summer

The wedding was wonderful, both receptions were fun, with lots of friends and family to wish us well. The honeymoon in the Bahamas was, well, awesome. 

Here are some links to wedding photos and video: 

Photos  Password: Triest

Pointe Digital did the photos and video. They also did Maddy's wedding, and they do a wonderful job. 

Here is my Facebook link. There is a lot of info about what is going on in our lives here too. 

We have been in Tucson since April 29. We'll be here until the end of August. Ross is selling alarm systems for Pinnacle Alarm and I am working at Kirkland's, a home decor store. After that we'll be back in Rexburg for Ross to continue school. 

Life is wonderful!