time to catch up

Time to catch you up with some pictures!  Some of these are from Valentine's Day, but what the hey.  I have to brag about my husband's amazing culinary skills somehow!  But first... (and sorry if these are facebook repeats for some of you...)

Baby Gabe is growing!  24 weeks down, 16ish weeks to go (Van Leeuwen babies tend to come late).

Mom got me a maternity dress and I LOVE it!  So comfy! 

Here's little Gabey at about 21 weeks.  It's a profile shot, so you can see his little nose and mouth.  So cute!

Here's what my sweet hubby had prepared for me when I woke up on Valentine's Day... I wasn't nearly as excited about the contents of the gift bags as I was about that crepe!  Just LOOK at that thing!  It was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!

BYU-Idaho's Collegiate Singers heart-attacked Brother Kempton's truck WHILE it was in his garage.  This choir director didn't know what to think (he's the one hanging out the driver's side sporting the peace sign).  It was supposed to be a surprise, but we couldn't help but make our presence known:)  I was there as moral support since I'm just a choir alumnus (but Ross is in the choir), and it was so fun to be a part of this crazy night! 

Ross has been busy with opera this last week.  He's in 3 different opera scenes, and their performances started last night.  He has a concert tonight and then again on Monday, and both of us are excited for him to perform but SO READY for it to be over!  He's doing amazing things with his voice and he sounds better than ever.  He's also quite the comedian up on stage, and it's fun to watch him engage the audience.  I really miss performing, but I know that my calling now is to be a mom and not a diva.  And I've never felt Baby Gabe move so much as the times when we're either at one of Ross's concerts or sitting in on choir rehearsal!  This baby's bound to be a musician!  

Although the snow is finally melting and the roads are clear, Spring hasn't quite reached Rexburg yet.  It's still in the freezing temperatures, and I think there's snow somewhere in our 10-day forecast.  Our move to Indiana is only 6 weeks away, and the longer the cold lingers around Rexburg, the more excited I am to get outta here!  We love Southeastern Idaho, but it's been a long winter and we're ready to be warm!  Plus, the sooner we get to Indiana, the sooner I can find a doctor... and then we'll be all set to go to have little Gabey:)  Life is good!  



A productive morning

Well, I guess I should say that it all started last night.  After making a yummy dinner for Ross and I (buffet burritos), I set out to clean up the kitchen so I wouldn't start my Monday with dirty dishes and a messy counter.  Doing the dishes really wouldn't seem like much, but we don't have a dishwasher and our sink is TINY.  Ross, being the wonderful man and husband that he is, did most of the dishes while I disinfected countertops and dried and put away the clean dishes.  I sometimes get on a roll once cleaning has started, and I want to conquer the cleaning empire before I sit down... which might have been the case last night, but Ross pulled me onto the couch so we could relax and spend the evening together.  Luckily, when I woke up this morning I found that this desire to conquer was still thriving:)  I'm taking a break for this first time since breakfast simply because I'm proud of what I've done today and I want to blog about it!  So here's what I've conquered so far:

* cleaned the breakfast dishes and disinfected once again (the only thing I'm kinda OCD about)
* did 3 loads of laundry and put clothes away
* sewed a button back onto my church coat
* wiped down the front side of the kitchen cabinets and the stove... it's amazing to see how dirty those can get until you clean them and see how sparkly they are!
* cleaned/disinfected some fridge shelves and reorganized/cleaned out food in the fridge
* made the bed, picked up around the bedroom
* organized our pantry
* kissed my husband when he came home from class (I know this shouldn't really count, but it's important)   :-)

Now it's time for lunch, but after that we'll see what else I can get done today!  Life is great, Baby Gabe is growing and KICKING, and it's March!  That means Spring should be coming soon... I hope :)