I know, I've been bad at posting since we brought Gabey home.  He's dealing with colic and gas problems, so we've had some rough days this last month.  He had his 1 month appointment on Monday, and this little chubster has gained 3 pounds in 3 weeks!  At least he's eating well!  We got a prescription for Zantac for him, which will hopefully help with his upset tummy.  Now, I need some advice from moms who've dealt with this before.  Baby Gabe has pretty bad baby acne that started about a week ago.  It's gotten worse these last few days, and I don't know what to do.  I'm actually not sure if there's anything I can do, but there HAS to be a mom out there who knows how to at least lessen the severity of the acne.  I know it doesn't hurt him, but when he gets angry or impatient, he has a bad habit of clawing at his face... and with all the acne, he's made himself bleed a couple times (no worries... they're tiny little scratches).  I try to keep his nails filed down so he can't scratch himself, but he still finds a way to scratch his face.  I feel so bad because there's not much I can do to help his colic, and the anti-gas drops don't help his poor tummy.  BUT, if there are any of you who have any pointers as to what I can do to help with the baby acne, do tell!  I'll do anything at this point!  Muchas gracias:)



today WAS the day

I woke up this morning (after another long night of minimal sleep) and realized that today is July 5th.  What a realization, right?  Well, today was my due date.  Today was the day that has been marked on every one of our calendars for months now.  Yet here I am, holding my sweet son who is now 15 days old and growing cuter by the minute.  It seems like just yesterday that we had the ultrasound that determined my induction, so it's crazy to think that it was over 2 weeks ago when we packed our bags and headed for the hospital.  Gabey is a great sleeper, although he sleeps better during the day than at night (much to our dismay).  He's a good eater too, even though I'm having to pump because he refuses to latch on (I don't think any men read my blog, which is why I have no problem sharing this tidbit of info...).  And what I LOVE is that he hasn't lost any of his hair!  He still has a good head of dark hair, which I was told he might lose so I didn't want to get my hopes up.  He's already been to church, a barbecue, the movie theater (if you haven't seen the movie "UP", you NEED TO SEE IT!), and he's a pro when it comes to doctor's visits.  His jaundice got pretty bad the first week home, so we had to take him back to the pediatrician EVERY STINKIN DAY so that they could do more tests.  Thankfully, after lots of heel pricks and a few days on the biliblanket, Gabey is doing just fine.  Even without the added measure of color from the jaundice, he's still much darker than his mommy and proving to take after his daddy's coloring.  Of course, after dealing with a lifetime of sunburns, sun spots, and SPF 70, I'm okay with him having Ross' darker skin:)  No matter what, this is one cute baby!!!  Here are a few more recent pictures (although he's changed even since these were taken while my mom was here). 

Okay, lemme explain.  We went downtown to the canal walk and Mom was snapping some photos.  This has now become one of my favorite photos because Ross sneezed RIGHT when my mom took the picture and she caught the moment perfectly.  I laughed so hard when I saw this the first time that I almost peed my pants... really... 

Oh, our sweet little man.  He still had jaundice in the pic, but just look at how much darker he is than me!

What can I say?... he loves being close to his mama :)

He does NOT like to have his arms tucked into a blanket.  Even when he was just a few days old, he would wiggle his arms out of it.  His hands are always by his face, whether he's sleeping or awake.    

This is the sweet face I get to look at every day.  This little man has completely snatched up my heart, and just like my dad said to me the other day, "there is no greater love than that of a mother for her son."  I love my son more than I ever thought imaginable, and our lives have truly changed for the better.  

Other than the severe lack of sleep, Ross and I love being parents.  I couldn't imagine doing this without the constant support and help from my sweet husband, who gets up in the middle of the night to help with Gabey EVEN THOUGH he works and stays busy during the day.  Ross changes diapers like a pro, offers to feed Gabey so that I can have a break, and will watch him (when he can) so that I can take a nap.  We've grown closer as a couple, and it's such an amazing feeling to know that we are a forever family.  And this is only the beginning!  

Life is good!