Yes, I took a sabbatical...

Life has been very busy and yes, I'll admit that I've had no desire to blog. Does that make me a bad person? I don't think so. I've had other things to deal with, and blogging was at the bottom (and by 'bottom' I mean VERY BOTTOM) of my list. In short, here's what's kept me from keeping you informed about my life:

*Ross started student teaching in August, and he's now halfway through his last semester as an undergrad! Woot!
*During his first week of student teaching, Ross got a call to the front office. The mother of one of his students hit his car and basically totalled it. She had a big SUV and his 15-year old, 207,000+ miles, already-been-in-2-accidents (not by Ross, I'll add) Mercury Sable met it's end. On a good day, that car was worth maybe $700. We were told it would cost at least $2500 to fix it, which we decided wouldn't be worth it. So, we had to look for a new car, which was NOT part of our budget plan. It took almost 2 weeks of searching and stress and budgeting and more searching, but we finally found what we were looking for: a 2005 Toyota Corolla. We got it for a great price and the gas mileage makes me absolutely giddy! We need this to be Ross's run around car that will hopefully last through all of grad school, and we have been very happy with it so far :)
*We moved! Life in Alpine was great, but when you're 26 and have your own family, living with the parentals is... well... less than ideal. We love my parents and Gabe loved seeing Mimi and Poppy every day, but it was time to find our own place. We found a nice apartment in old town PG, and within about a month of turning in an application, we were moving in! We love having our own place and we really like our cute little community.
*I started having really bad migraines the week we moved in, so after several doctor and chiropractor visits, I was told to just slow down. The chiro said I was suffering from neuro-emotional stress (whatever that means), but with all that happened in such a short time, what do you expect?! Ross was leaving for school at 6:45 each morning and would go straight from school to work, so most days he wouldn't come home until after 8pm. I was at home with a very active little boy, I was beyond exhaustion, and there was still a lot of unpacking/cleaning/sorting to do. I was feeling guilty because I was SO TIRED and didn't have a spotless house and a warm gourmet dinner on the table when Ross came home every night. And with guilt came more stress, and the more guilty and stressed out I became, the more emotional I was. And I know what some of you are thinking, but I am NOT PREGNANT. Headaches- yes. Exhausted- yes. Pregnant- no. Anyway, Ross finally sat me down and told me that all he wanted was my happiness and for me to take care of sweet little Gabe. He helps around the house more, he'll cook when he can, and he's been very understanding of the whole thing. He even quit his job for the next 8 weeks (until student teaching is over with) so that he can come home earlier and focus on family and student teaching. And it just so happens that our school grant came through the day before he quit, so our finances are right where we need them to be. Thank you, Heavenly Father!
So, I hope my explanation gives me an excuse for taking a blogging sabbatical. Now that things have slowed down just a bit, I'm hoping to get back on the blogging horse. Maybe I'll even add some pictures next time (gasp!). But for now, I thank you for reading this very long post and give you my word that it will not be 3 months before I write again:)
PS- blogger won't let me put spaces between any of my paragraphs... anybody know how to fix that?