Pictures... FINALLY!

The answer we've been waiting for!  Even though it was barely visible, there WAS a 2nd line!  Woohoo!!!

So, shortly after we moved into the new house in Rexburg, I was doing dishes and heard a really big BANG outside.  I just thought it was someone pulling a trailer that went over a pot hole (there are a couple big ones on our street), but then I heard people yelling.  When I stepped out onto the front porch, I looked towards all the noise and saw this... a MICROBURST had picked up someone's SHED and dumped it right on top of our neighbor's house!!!  They had to call the fire department to come get it off, which was pretty funny to watch.  Two uniformed firemen simply get up on top of the roof and literally just kick the shed off of the house!  I know it was traumatizing for our poor neighbors, but it was kinda funny to watch:)

Me and Hannah, my darling should've-been-sister.  We all went out to Applebee's to basically celebrate Hannah since she was moving to Florida the next day, and this was our way of sharing our departing moment... I guess??  She's really not heavy and I'm actually stronger than this picture makes it out to be, but we were laughing so hard that I could barely lift her and she could barely hold on.  This is a typical Tri&Han moment.  
Disclaimer:  I  was NOT pregnant when this picture was taken!  If I was, I would NOT have been lifting more than 20 pounds:)
Ross and I chillin at Applebee's to celerate our dear Hanbanan. I think this is a cute picture of us:)

Mom and dad came up for the weekend and we took a day trip to Yellowstone.  These elk were so close to us!  It was amazing how unperturbed they were even though there were a lot of people around taking pictures of them. 

So I finally am able to get up some new pics... sorry it took a while.  We rearranged the furniture in our living room and, although I have no idea how it got there, we found our picture importer thingy under our recliner.  Like I said... NO IDEA how it got there, but now we're able to upload pictures!  Hooray!  

I can't believe this is the last week of the semester for Ross.  He was stressed out today for about 3 hours, but that was it!  I can't believe it!  When I started the upper level music classes (and for the rest of my college experience), I was an emotional wreck the last week of school!  But Ross seems very cool and collected, and I think he's going to do awesome on his finals.  As for me, I've been sick.  Not with a cold or anything, but with BABY.  Don't get me wrong... I love this baby and I can't wait to be a mommy, but it amazes me how something SO SMALL can make a grown woman SO SICK!  I finally went to my doctor and got a vitamin B6 shot, and he wrote me a prescription for an anti-nausea med.  I was dumb and didn't fill the prescription because I was feeling better, and lo and behold, I puked my guts out yesterday for the first time.  So needless to say, filling that prescription was on my to-do list today:)  The only thing that has been affected seriously is work.  I work from 6am-2pm, and it is not easy getting up and going to work when I've been so sick.  Although I didn't plan it, I literally worked part-time last week because I either went home early, got there late, or couldn't go at all.  But my boss' wife had a baby just a few months ago, and he is SO understanding with everything.  He basically said that, with 6 weeks of maternity leave, he wouldn't say anything unless I hadn't shown up for MORE than 6 weeks by the time the baby's born.  And since I'm not planning on going back after the baby's born, it's nice not to stress about losing my job because I'm so nauseated. 

On a better note, I have my first prenatal visit on the 16th!  I'll be about 11 weeks along by then, and my doc said that we might get to hear the baby's heartbeat:)  I'm so excited!  I know that there's a baby inside me right now, but to actually hear the heartbeat will make it so much more real.  And even with finals and nausea, our life is good!  It snowed the first big snowfall today, so now it really feels like Christmastime!  We are very excited to spend the holidays with family, and I'm crossing my fingers that we'll have a White Christmas this year!  What a beautiful time of year to be together and remember all that our Savior has done for us...