And in case you're wondering...

... I WILL own one of these someday.

This is the most beautiful car I've ever seen, and I'm in love.


My mouth is watering...

So the holidays are a time for celebration and family, right? A time to get together and remember our Savior and His birth, a time of giving and service. Well, there's also the bittersweet tradition of FOOD... lots and lots of yummy food. I say bittersweet because, while my mouth loves the scrumdiddleeumptiousness (?) of all the holiday goodies, so do my love handles. I mean, really... how can you say no to this:

or these...

or this minty goodness...

Muddy Buddies?! C'mon!

Fig Newtons in a jar? I think YES!

Ross's fav
I can't even begin to describe my love for these. Oh. So. Yummy.

So will I join the thousands who start off the New Year at the gym? Yes. Will I say goodbye to (most of) these goodies until 2011's holiday season? Unfortunately. Have a gained weight this holiday season? Surprisingly and thankfully, NO. Go me:)