I am not ashamed...

... although I probably should be. I have had absolutely ZERO desire to blog for the last several months (if you couldn't tell). But I have a growing son who is too cute not to share, lots of pictures of our family doings, and I have seven weeks left of this pregnancy. Time is flying too fast! And since I've never been good at scrapbooking or journaling (or blogging, for that matter), I need to post some pictures of our lives so that I can at least remember the second half of 2011:)

To start, this is from our trip to Cokeville, WY to visit my dear friend Violet. She was visiting her family over Memorial Day Weekend, so we decided to take a little road trip!

Ross was excited about the cool teepee. Gabe, not so much.

However, Gabe was VERY excited about the cool indian thingamabob in our hotel room!

I love this sweet mama.

Lemme tell ya, this place was ROCKIN.

The day we came back from Cokeville, I realized that it had been 5 weeks and decided to take a test... well, 3 tests. Ross and I were equally shocked and even more thrilled. I probably would've taken more tests had I had them.

And since my mac won't let me post more than 5 pictures at a time, on to the next post!


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